Vlissingen, Netherlands

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Newly rebuilt anode facility in Netherlands

Century Aluminum Vlissingen B.V., located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, is a carbon anode production facility. The produced anodes get shipped to our Grundartangi, Iceland smelter, where they can use the anodes in the production process.

Our Vlissingen facility, which had been curtailed by its previous owner, was purchased by Century in June 2012 and restarted in late 2013 with an initial annual carbon anode production capacity of 75,000 tonnes. In 2015, we completed our project to expand its annual production capacity to 145,000 tonnes and in 2019, we completed the rebuild and expansion of one of the baking furnaces at the facility which is expected to further increase annual carbon anode production by an additional 12,000 tonnes, bringing total capacity to 157,000 tonnes.

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About Our Vlissingen Facility

75 employees and 165,000 mtpy of carbon anodes


Annual production capacity is approximately 165,000 tonnes of carbon anodes per year.