Hawesville, KY

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Our largest U.S. facility and only volume producer of high purity aluminum in Western Hemisphere

Hawesville is our largest U.S. smelter and has been the largest producer of high purity primary aluminum in North America. Four of Hawesville's five potlines are capable of producing high purity aluminum which is sold at a premium to standard-grade aluminum and is used extensively by the defense industry as well as for aerospace and other applications.

In July 2022 the Hawesville Smelter was idled due to soaring energy prices. The unprecedented rise in global energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine dramatically increased the price of energy in the U.S. and around the globe. Unfortunately, this made it necessary to curtail the operation.

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About Our Hawesville Facility




Rated Primary Aluminum Capacity

  • The largest producer of high purity primary aluminum in North America
  • Total primary aluminum capacity is 250,000 mtpy

Reduction Facilities

  • Began operation in 1969
  • Five potlines of 112 pre-bake end riser cells each

Carbon Facilities

  • One green anode plant with vibrating anode former
  • Three in-ground open-top ring furnaces
  • One rodding shop with full cast iron capabilities

Casthouse Facilities

Sow casting equipment with overhead cranes

Power Supply

Hawesville has a power supply arrangement which provides market-based power to the Hawesville smelter. Under this arrangement, the power companies purchase power on the open market and pass it through to Hawesville at Midcontinent Independent System Operator (“MISO”) pricing plus transmission and other costs.

Product Shipping Capabilities

Truck, rail and barge (Ohio River)

Quality Certification

Hawesville is quality certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


For information on products made at our Hawesville facility, click here.


Sow, High Purity and Molten


Low Profile:
nominal 1400 lb.; 40″ wide, 11 ½” high, 52″ long

P0202A, P0303A, P0404A, P0506A, P0610A, P1020A

High Purity

P0202A, P0303A, P0404A, P0506A


P0202A thru P1020A