Grundartangi, Iceland

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Low Carbon Aluminum made in Iceland

At Norðurál Grundartangi we produce aluminum with one of the lowest CO₂ footprints in the world. The smelter is our largest and most economical facility. More.

At Grundartangi we produce Natur-Al™ Century Aluminum´s brand of low-carbon aluminum for the most demanding environmentally conscious consumer. The total CO2 footprint of Natur-Al™ is four tonnes per tonne aluminum, less than one-quarter of the industry average. All CO2 emissions are verified by independent third parties, facilitating the life-cycle assessments for our customers. More.

Norðurál Grundartangi is one of Iceland’s largest industrial facilities and committed to minimize environmental impact. Norðurál is certified by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) for responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminum and we have implemented Green accounting to its operations. More.

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About Our Grundartangi Facility




Rated Primary Aluminum Capacity

Current rated capacity of 260,000 mtpy

Reduction Facilities

  • Began operation in 1998
  • 520 pre-bake cells
  • Imports alumina and anodes

Casthouse Facilities

Casthouse casts ingots and sows

Power Supply

Power is supplied from geothermal and hydro sources under various long-term contracts.


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ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management

ÍST 85:2012 Equal Pay Management

ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative)

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For information on products made at our Grundartangi facility, click here.


Natur-Al™, Ingots and Primary Foundry Alloy


  • Standard Ingots 20-22kg
  • Grades
    P0610, P1015, P1020

Primary Foundry Alloy

  • Grade

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