Where We Started

company_body_2Century Aluminum was formed in 1995 by Glencore PLC as a holding company for its aluminum-producing assets. At the time, these assets included Ravenswood Aluminum Corporation— an integrated producer of rolled aluminum products— in Ravenswood, W.Va. and a 26.67-percent share in a 215,000-tonne aluminum reduction plant in Mt. Holly, South Carolina. Century became publicly owned in March 1996. Glencore remains a Significant shareholder of the company.

Where We Are Today


Since our formation in 1995, we have significantly expanded our operations through strategic acquisitions and we are now a global producer of primary aluminum with aluminum reduction facilities in the United States and Iceland.

We operate three U.S. aluminum smelters, in Hawesville, Kentucky (Hawesville), Robards, Kentucky (Sebree) and Mt. Holly, South Carolina (Mt. Holly), and one smelter in Grundartangi, Iceland (Grundartangi).

Our primary aluminum facilities produce standard grade and value-added primary aluminum products.  Our current annual primary aluminum production capacity is approximately 1,016,000 tonnes per year (tpy).  We produced approximately 750,000 tonnes of primary aluminum in 2018.

In addition to our primary aluminum assets, we also own a carbon anode production facility located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands (Vlissingen) and hold a 40% interest in Baise Haohai Carbon Co., Ltd. (BHH), a joint venture that owns and operates a carbon anode and cathode facility located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of South China. Carbon anodes are used in the production of primary aluminum and both BHH and Vlissingen currently supply carbon anodes to Grundartangi.