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Michael A. Bless

Michael A. Bless, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Bless joined Century in 2006 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Bless was elected President and Chief Executive Officer in November 2011 and elected to our Board in December 2012. Mr. Bless also currently serves as a director of Simpson Manufacturing Inc. and CNA Financial Corporation. Prior to joining Century, Mr. Bless held a number of senior management positions at both public and private companies and investment banks, including Chief Financial Officer of Rockwell Automation, Inc. and investment banking at Dillon, Read & Co. Mr. Bless brings valuable leadership, risk-management, investor-relation, international operations experience and strategy-development experience to the Board. Mr. Bless also has extensive knowledge of the aluminum industry and global market conditions and, as the only management representative on our Board, Mr. Bless provides a unique perspective in Board discussions about the business and strategic direction of the Company. The Board benefits from his business insights, financial acumen and knowledge of the Company and the markets it serves.