Century Aluminum Vlissingen

Century Aluminum Vlissingen, located in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, is a carbon anode production facility purchased by Century Aluminum in June 2012. The produced anodes get shipped to our Grudartangi, Iceland smelter, where they use the anodes in the production process.

Vlissingen, which had been curtailed by its previous owner, was restarted in late 2013 with an initial annual carbon anode production capacity of 75,000 tonnes. In 2015, we completed our project to expand its annual production capacity to 145,000 tonnes.

Safety and the environment are high on the agenda and we continuously strive to improve the results by regular evaluating and improving our business. Century Aluminum Vlissingen employs highly qualified personnel, including operators, technicians, engineers and administrative employees. Approximately 95% of the staff comes from neighboring municipalities.

Annual production capacity is approximately 145,000 tonnes of carbon anodes per year.

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Century Aluminum Vlissingen B.V.
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