Sebree, KY

Century’s Sebree aluminum smelter has a production capacity of approximately 220,000 metric tonnes per year. The facility is 100-percent owned and operated through Century Aluminum.

Sebree is located in Henderson County, Kentucky, perfectly situated in the middle of the Midwestern market. It is an ideal location to conduct business as a large majority of the smelter’s customers are within a 600-mile region. Since it began operations in 1973, more than 10 billion pounds of aluminum have been created.

Century Aluminum Sebree employs 558 workers within the tri-state region – it is one of the largest manufacturers in the area. Economically, the plant supports the region with approximately $3 million annually in state and local taxes; around $45 million in purchases from regional vendors; and another $35 million in wages and salaries.

There are three production departments at Sebree:

Potlines (Reduction)
There are three potlines, each containing 128 aluminum pots.

All of the potlines’ molten metal is transported by a cruce truck to the Casting department. In Casting, employees turn the new aluminum into two primary products: billet and low-profile sow. Cast billet resembles a 20-foot telephone pole, which is then heat treated and cut to customer specifications. While sow is shipped to various customers who re-melt it for blending and casting into various shapes, billet is shipped to extruders who apply pressure and heat to re-shape the billet into such things as air conditioning coils and window frames.

This department creates carbon blocks in a newly installed baking system. Each block weights approximately 1,700 pounds each and are made, baked and then shipped to Potlines where they are put inside each pot to conduct electricity. Very few locations in the United States make their own carbon blocks.

Production Support:
Keeping the facility running efficiently is the Maintenance department where experienced employees work around the clock for all departments.

Sebree takes pride in its safety record and makes safety a priority every day.

Quality Certification
Sebree is quality certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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