Serving Our Customers

Century Aluminum is a primary aluminum producer, supplying aluminum to diverse downstream manufacturing customers in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries, among others. Our primary aluminum facilities produce standard-grade, high-purity and value-added primary aluminum products. Our current annual primary aluminum production capacity is approximately 1,016,000 tonnes per year (tpy), of which 166,000 tpy remained curtailed as of December 31, 2018. We produced approximately 750,000 tonnes of primary aluminum in 2018.

We value our customers and work closely with them to meet their needs. We constantly seek to improve our product quality and delivery performance.

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Partnering With Our Suppliers

We source a diverse range of materials to support our global operations. Our business depends upon an adequate supply of alumina, electricity, aluminum fluoride, calcined petroleum coke, pitch, finished carbon anodes and cathodes and other raw materials. Disruptions to the supply of any of these components could interrupt our production, which is one reason why safe, efficient and reliable suppliers play a critical role in our success.